Empower Employees for a Successful Digital Transformation


There has been a lot of hype around the digital transformation and the benefits of modern technology for a couple years now. At the Epicor Insights conference last month, there was quite a bit of talk around manufacturers feeling the pressure with the digital transformation. There are experts like 2W Tech that can help you with modernizing your technology. That is a crucial piece to a successful digital transformation, however it is not the only crucial piece. Digital transformation is as much about empowering employees as it is about modernizing applications and processes.

The more modern technology gets, the more automation takes over, often making employees nervous they are being replaced. Open communication throughout the business will help ease fears that modernizing technology is designed to make their jobs easier to execute, not replace them.  

Technology will not replace most employees; they are simply too valuable. You can not digitize the knowledge, emotion, creativity that a human brings to the table.  

Here are some steps organizations can take to effectively communicate digital transformation across the line of business: 

  • Drive better awareness about digital transformation efforts. Use open and transparent about what the goals for the digital transformation are and how every employee will play a big role.  Employers can focus the conversation on how they can use digital transformation to improve their employees’ experiences. Encourage feedback and questions. Give everyone a seat at the table and a voice in improving how your business runs.  
  • Create a project team with representatives from each department. When each departments feels like they are involved vs. the technology group doing something to them, you will get more buy in.  
  • Empower teams to solve problems. Again, encourage feedback and questions. Give employees the tools needed to do their jobs. Train them on those tools. Let them start using these tools so they can see how their work improves by offloading cumbersome processes and accelerating business-critical ones.  

Your organization’s future success will be impacted by digital transformation. To help ensure that success, your business needs to focus on company-wide communication and needs to solicit the buy-in of employees at every level.  

For help navigating your digital transformation, call 2W Tech. 2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Let us help you not only modernize your technology but create a plan of action to help ensure your business has success with the execution.

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