A Zero Trust security architecture is a comprehensive security strategy aimed to secure data and prepare an organization for future threats. It is a critical component in modernizing an organizations security posture and helping them stay compliant with regulatory standards. The Zero Trust principle is to “assume breach” to proactively minimize the impact of security attacks from internal and external bad actors.

Enforcing least privileged access to security digital environments including:

  • Data classification and end-to-end encryption
  • Sequence detection and user context to detect critical insider risks
  • Policy configuration to prevent data loss
  • Automated threat detection and response

The only way assume breach works for an organization is if they have the correct data security strategies and controls in place to measure their security breach risk. This includes understanding all activities, internal and external, that happens around sensitive data.

By configuring dynamic policies with protective actions, a business can prevent data from unauthorized use across all devices and services, regardless of the location of the device.

A Zero Trust framework gives visibility, controls, and redundancy necessary to quickly detect, deter, and defend against data security risks. By having those insights, a business can secure their data by proactively detecting and minimizing those risks. This really can help reduce the impact a major incident can have on an organizations data security structure, financial health, and market reputation.

To learn more about implementing Zero Trust Security, give us a call today. 2W Tech is a technology solutions provider that is a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solutions Provider, as well as hold other solutions designations as well. Let our team of expert IT Consultants explain the benefits of implementing Zero Trust Security with Microsoft can bring to your business.

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