It may sound like common sense, but it must be noted that with more remote workers than ever, organizations are sending more emails than ever before. In fact, 94 percent of organizations surveyed for a Egress’s 2020 Outbound Email Security Report indicated that their outgoing email had increased due to COVID, and 35 percent of organizations’ most serious breaches were caused by remote working.

If this these numbers don’t jump start your email security initiative, maybe these will:

  • 93 percent of organizations have suffered email data breaches in the last 12 months
  • 37 percent of breaches are due to stressed out and tired employees
  • On average, email data breaches occur every 12 working hours.

It should come as no surprise that email breaches are near the top of the cybersecurity vulnerability chain when all those factors are considered. Fortunately, computer users are becoming more savvy when it comes to sniffing out run-of-the-mill phishing emails. As a result, however, threat actors have developed innovative ways to trick users into providing login credentials.

One such threat is a new phishing campaign that disguises itself as “Security Awareness Training” from KnowBe4. Through this scheme, threat actors send emails that pretend to be from KnowBe4 – a legitimate company that offers phishing training and simulation tests – reminding users to log in and take their fishing training. These emails will use the subject “Training Reminder: Due Date” and tell the recipient to log in to their “Security Awareness Training” before it expires within 24 hours.

Even tools used to help users identify phishing campaigns can be bypassed these days. For example, another recent, phishing campaign is using hidden text – also known as – zero font – to bypass email security controls and deliver malicious emails. Zero font refers to the method of hiding malicious, embedded text within an email.

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