Ideally, you have a workforce full of well intended employees who would never consider pulling off a cyberattack from within your organization. However, that does not guarantee your business won’t fall victim to a data breach due to user error. With that in mind, email security is more important than ever. Considering 90 percent of U.K. data breaches were caused by human error in 2019, email security should be at the top of your IT priority list. The latest software will only protect you so much – be sure you have an airtight email security policy in place, as well.

Not sure where to start? There are plenty of resources on the Internet to help guide your policy. For example, the SANS Institute has had one of the industry-leading email security policy templates available to the general public since 2013. The organization created the policy that can be used by any organization without prior approval.

The SANS template includes a number of security-related items you should consider adding to your organization’s policy, including:

  • Users are prohibited from using third-party email systems and storage servers such as Google, Yahoo, MSN Hotmail, etc., to conduct company business, to create or memorialize any binding transactions, or to store or retain email on behalf of your company.
  • Using a reasonable amount of company resources for personal emails is acceptable, but non work-related email shall be saved in a separate folder from work-related email. Sending chain letters or joke emails via company email is prohibited.
  • The company may monitor messages without prior notice. Employees shall have no expectation of privacy in anything they store, send or receive on the company’s email system.

For the rest of your email security needs, you can rely on 2W Tech. We can help you implement active measures to help ensure email security is achieved. There are steps you can take as an organization such as creating strong passwords, changing passwords frequently, adjusting spam filters, to name just a few. 2W Tech is a technology service provider that specializes in security solutions and is a Microsoft Gold Partner. Give us a call today to get started in protecting your email, whether its Office 365 or another email program.

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