With the prevalence of email in today’s culture, hardly anyone considers the security risks associated with typing out a message and hitting “Send.” For example, I just finished writing this blog post and emailed it for an internal review without batting an eye. Although email security certainly improved since its inception, such as the implementation of encrypted passwords, it is far from being a completely secure means of transmitting important information.

One problem is that an email does not simply travel from the send to the recipient instantaneously. Most emails have to traverse multiple networks and servers before landing in the intended audience’s inbox. These pause points expose emails to attacks, usually due to unsecure networks, vulnerable serves and cybercriminals ready to hack them. 

Also, since email messages generally are not encrypted, hackers who manage to break into a network or server can easily read those emails, as well as any attachments. Some servers store emails that are decades old, and some that were deleted at some point. Even if hackers don’t directly target or obtain email messages, they can go after the password needed to log into an email account since many providers don’t require two-factor authentication.

Once an email is sent, the sender cannot prevent any recipients from further disseminating the content because emails are so easily forwarded, saved and printed. Plus, with emails accessible on various electronic devices, the likelihood of unwelcome exposure increases. It is possible for a sender’s devices and emails to be compromised, and the recipients are susceptible to a cyberattack of some sort.

Although email is a useful and necessary means of communicating these days, there are too many ways that confidential information may be discovered and exploited when sent via email. It is imperative for companies to assess their file and document sharing practices and consider investing in a service with the utmost security tools.

Stop email and server attacks while concealing critical messaging gateways and email servers. 2W Tech offers our clients a secure email solution that works in the cloud to block over 99% of spam, malware, viruses, worms, phishing scams, spyware, ransomware and fraudulent emails outside your network.

2W Tech also can help you implement active measures to help ensure email security is achieved. There are steps you can take as an organization such as creating strong passwords, changing passwords frequently and adjusting spam filters, to name just a few. 2W Tech is a full-service IT Consulting firm that specializes in security solutions and is a Microsoft Gold Partner. Give us a call today to get started in protecting your email, whether its Microsoft Office 365 or another email program. 

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