Having a remote workforce creates new risks and security challenges, no matter what percentage of your staff is remote. Organizations must adapt and adopt new security protocols to ensure their remote workforce is secure. One of the easiest security measures to implement is protocols around secure remote access.  

Employees working remotely need secure connectivity to the corporate network and resources needed to do their job.  


There are a few vital components of secure remote access your business needs to ensure are part of your remote workforce security policy: 

  • Encrypted connection: Do not let your employees connect to your corporate network through an insecure network or unsecured/untrusted connection. Using an encryption connection is essential to protecting sensitive data against outside threats or hackers. 
  • Multi-factor authentication: Remote work increases the threat level for compromised passwords or devices. MFA adds a layer of protection to password security that makes it difficult for a cybercriminal to successfully penetrate a users’ account. MFA requires multiple factors, such as the combination of a password and a trusted device.  
  • Device security posture assessment: Personal devices are usually not as secure as corporate devices and are often at risk for malicious apps or malware to infect. Before you let a personal device connect to a corporate network, there needs to be corporate security policy requirements in place for that device and any future devices that employee wants to use to remote into your network. 
  • Zero trust network access: Zero trust network access by default should provide the least amount of access possible to a network and more network privileges are granted on a case-by-case determination. That way if a user’s account or device is penetrated by a cyberthreat actor, their compromised account can only access limited corporate resources, lessening the damage that a cyberattack can have on your corporation.  

Security risks are not lessening overtime. Quite the opposite. The amount of cyberattacks and sophisticated threats are increasing daily. Corporations need to make sure they have proper security protocols in place and that these security protocols are constantly being updated and reevaluated. 

Need help ensuring your organization has effective security protocols and secure remote access protection in place? Let 2W Tech help! Our team of expert IT Consultants can help your business evaluate your security solutions stack and help determine if you have the right amount and type of coverage in place. Contact us today to get started.  

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