Does Your Managed IT Plan Give You Options?


When managed services grew in popularity years and years ago, there were a lot of businesses that still believed the break-fix IT model was the way to stay. Since then, managed services has changed and evolved into so many technology solution sets. Managed IT is a no brainer for businesses nowadays, the question now becomes to what level of adoption.

If your solution provider has only one Managed IT plan, you really need to start evaluating if that plan is meeting and/or exceeding your needs. 2W Tech believes in choices. When we revamped our Managed IT plan, including a complete plan was a no brainer. This is for any business that wants a no fuss nework. You chose this plan and 2W Tech handles all of your IT Infrastructure needs. Say good-bye to the headaches of managing your network daily.

Then, it made sense to have a base plan. This is for a business that does not feel comfortable turning over complete control to us. This plan comes with some simple IT Infrastructure and server management tasks, but leaves a lot of control within your own business.

The answer might be complete, base or something in between and that is ok. 2W Tech is a managed service provider with over 30 years in business. We understand every business has unique needs, so give us a call today and let’s start discussing how we can work together to gain control of your network. Mission critical technology doesn’t have to be a headache. 2WTechAssist Managed IT is the no surprise approach to your IT Infrastructure.

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