Do Not Let Your Data Backup and Storage Lapse


Data backup and storage often can feel like an afterthought for many companies. You have so much to attend to while handling your core capabilities, and if something is right where you left it, it is no concern – until that something, like priceless data, is suddenly nowhere to be found.  

Here are some key reasons data backup and storage should be a critical part of your operations.   

  • Data loss can occur at any time for any reason – Reasons for data loss include crashes, malware, physical damage or failure, theft, or user error. Incremental backups let your organization restore either specific files or an entire system easily.   
  • Cyberattacks threaten data – Cybersecurity remains a top priority for businesses. One in 10 computers gets infected with viruses each month. Having the ability to restore your system to a state before they were infected with viruses and malware is invaluable. It also buys your company time to fix the vulnerabilities hackers found in the first place.   
  • Audits and archives for regulations – Regulatory commissions and the IRS do not care why you do not have the data they seek on file. Make sure you backup and store this data properly on a regular basis.  
  • Lost devices – Over 100 phones are lost or stolen every minute. Imagine what a cybercrook could delete if they wanted to jailbreak that phone for resale, or, worse, use the data they found for something more malicious. You can remotely delete the info on that phone and rely on the most recent backup of that data to restore a new device.   
  • Losing everything due to downtime – Almost half of businesses that experience a major data loss never recover. Good backups will keep downtime to a minimum by preserving data and saving time wasted on recovery.   
  • Improved customer service – Saved client information provides helpful insights into your customers’ needs and concerns. This creates opportunities to serve them better and potentially an increase in revenue.  

If this sounds intimidating, leave the backup strategy to the experts here at 2W Tech. Data backup and storage is one of the many services we offer as a managed service provider. Contact us today to discuss data backup and storage and the potential to partner with us as your MSP of choice. 

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