Delegate Your IT Asset Management to an MSP


IT asset management poses plenty of challenges for in-house IT personnel who could spend their time working on more important projects for your organization. In an industry where technology evolves daily and equipment must be updated or decommissioned regularly, IT asset management is best suited for a third-party managed services provider. 

Considering everything your internal IT department must contend with daily, here are a few reasons why you should consider offloading IT asset management to a managed services provider like 2W Tech: 

  • Shift responsibility to a third party – By delegating your IT asset management to a managed services provider, you free up your internal IT personnel for other important tasks and project in your organization. MSPs typically provide proof of receipt and documentation of your company’s assets so you are aware of what you have on hand and don’t experience a shortage of equipment. MSPs also offer technology necessary for tracking of assets as well as reporting stock levels so you can place orders accordingly. 
  • Keeping pace with demand – Whether it is equipping new employees with the proper technology or deactivating company devices due to turnover, your IT assets will be constantly moving through their lifecycles within your organization. An MSP can monitor these activities. They also can assist in ensuring your IT equipment like laptops and computers can be pulled off the shelf when needed, cutting down time spent on onboarding new employees.  
  • Improve efficiency – You can cut down time spent on tracking down your equipment, prepping it for an employee and shipping the materials when an MSP handles your IT asset management.  

It is important to look for an MSP with comprehensive expertise at every level of the IT stack, as well as one that is flexible enough to provide selective, augmented or hybrid support. Look no further than 2W Tech. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and MSP, specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Give us a call today to learn more about our Managed Services plans. 

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