Data Recovery Tips


Countless organizations are destined to experience data loss at some point in time. However, it does not have to be the death knell of your business, assuming you’re properly prepared. Even without a data recovery plan in place, you can track down the missing information you need to properly run your business.

When you discover that you are missing data, it is important to review the steps you took to reduce the impact of the loss. This way, you can take the necessary steps to fix the hardware problem and re-download the data in question. Ideally, you’ll have a plan you can consult to take the necessary steps toward recovery. If you didn’t have a plan in place before the loss, not all hope is lost, but there will be some additional steps involved to recover the data.

Be sure to act fast. The faster you discover missing or deleted data, the better your chances are at recovering it. If you save another file to the disc, including any data recovery software, there is a chance you may rewrite the files you are trying to recover. Most files are recoverable when you know where and how to look. As long as they weren’t shredded or deleted with a secure data deletion tool, there are options available for data recovery. Even files that have been emptied can often be tracked down and recovered.

A professional data recovery company has likely seen a case similar to yours. They often employ a team of IT professionals, engineers and other data specialists who can find innovative ways to gain access to lost information. In many cases, they may discover new ways to recover data previously thought inaccessible. If you don’t currently have a solution or are in need of a better and more reliable data recovery solution, 2W Tech is happy to be an Axcient partner and can discuss if this solution is a fit for your organization.

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