Data Recovery Must Live in the Cloud


There was a time when data recovery could be accomplished strictly through on-premises hardware. Those days are long gone, however, now that we’re in the age of cloud computing. Your organization should at least have a hybrid cloud option in place in case disaster strikes. With a traditional system, the servers, computer networks, cables, software and data may need to be repaired or replaced after a disaster. Fixing these old systems or installing new ones could take a great deal of time and money.

With cloud computing, you can recovery your data much more swiftly. After a disaster, it can take just minutes to copy or move the backed-up systems so the company can resume operations right away. Your company also can save on costs to fix the system as well as financial losses related to significant downtime. The simplicity of cloud systems also helps companies save time and money for replacement systems. There’s no need to match new hardware with existing equipment and hope for the best, the cloud stays the same and is updated digitally on a regular basis.

Axcient Cloud Disaster Recovery product allows you to be ready NOW, keep your data in the cloud so you can access it whenever and wherever you need it and recover it quickly. 2W Tech is an Axcient partner and would be happy to discuss the features and benefits of the Axcient Cloud with you. Give us a call today.

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