Cybersecurity During the Great Resignation


Like countless other companies out there, your organization most likely has felt the ramifications of The Great Resignation that has been brought on by the coronavirus pandemic in the last few years. While your HR team has been scrambling to recruit and retain top-notch talent, how is your IT department maintaining cybersecurity of your data while employees come and go at a record pace?  

Data loss via resigning employees is not a boogeyman – it is a real concern. A recent report found 63 percent of all employees admitted to taking data from their previous employer to use in their new job. And that only accounts for those intending to take this data – there are plenty of other employees who appropriate data as they transition to a new company without realizing it.   

A big part of this problem has to do with the mass shift to remote or hybrid working models. Along with this shift came the acceptance of bring your own device technology operations, which gives cybercrooks a huge attack surface with existing employees. That risk is exasperated once employees move on, especially considering 71 percent of organizations admit that they do not know how much sensitive data departing employees typically take with them when they leave their company.   

There are plenty of steps you can take to mitigate the risk of insider threats from employees leaving your company. First, make sure there are policies in place that specify rules about data handling, outlining what employees can and cannot do. This may not stop malicious insider attacks, but this policy will make accidental loss less likely when employees inevitably move on.   

Also, apply the principle of least privilege, or “zero trust,” always, especially with remote employees. This will make all your organization’s data strictly available on a need-to-know basis.  

Do not let your cybersecurity guard down. Those on the inside of your organization could harm your business – intentionally or not – even when they are leaving for another firm. Developing and maintaining a successful cybersecurity prevention strategy is a daunting process. 2W Tech is a technology services provider who specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Contact 2W Tech today to strengthen your cybersecurity posture. 

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