Cyber Sabotage: From Outside or Within Your Operations


Cyber sabotage has become a catch-all term that could refer to world powers targeting the computer systems that control major infrastructure systems as well as companies dealing with employees who are negligent or just up to no good. If you’re reading this blog, you probably fall into the latter category. The Dark Web has nurtured a new type of organized cybercriminals that package attack kits and sell them in this part of the internet. These criminals typically aim at either commerce or control. They seek commercially valuable personal or financial data, while operational technology attacks seek control of plants of factories for potential sabotage. The significant increase in the connectivity of industrial networks through IoT devices has prompted a coinciding increase in those who are seeking to penetrate systems, as well. 

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2W Tech offers a full range of cybersecurity consulting services to help you protect your systems, detect threats, and respond to cybersecurity incidents. Choosing the right partner can allow you to facilitate the detection and removal of malware and prevent future incidents. The only way to truly be protected is by using monitoring and analysis tools that identify attacks both at the network perimeter and in the internal environment. Contact us today for help with your Security solutions.

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