Smart manufacturing refers to manufacturing that employs computer-integrated manufacturing, high levels of adaptability and rapid design changes, digital information technology, and more flexible technical workforce training. Many businesses get overwhelmed with the terminology and turn their cheek to the concept before really trying to understand it.

One of the best ways to understand the concept of smart manufacturing better is to think about how it could be applied to your type business.

Here are some examples of use cases that can help you understand the value Industry 4.0 can bring in a manufacturing operation:

  • Supply chain management and optimization- Industry 4.0 solutions give businesses greater insight, control, and data visibility across their entire supply chain. This gives you the ability to deliver products and services to market faster, cheaper, and with better quality to gain an advantage over competitors who are snoozing on smart manufacturing.
  • Predictive maintenance/analytics- Industry 4.0 solutions give manufacturers the ability to predict when potential problems are going to arise before they actually happen. Systems can sense when problems are arising or machinery needs to be fixed, and can empower you to solve potential issues before they become bigger problems. Welcome to the world of being proactive.
  • Asset tracking and optimization- Industry 4.0 solutions help manufacturers become more efficient with assets at each stage of the supply chain, allowing them to keep a better pulse on inventory, quality, and optimization opportunities relating to logistics. Imagine how much more efficient your business will be with proper asset management.

Have any of these use cases started your thinking about how smart manufacturing could be integrated into your own organization? How do you actually decide if Industry 4.0 is right for you? Call 2W Tech. We are a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Let us help your business explore if Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing could provide to be beneficial to you.

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