Business Intelligence Robust Dashboards Make Sense of Your Company Data


Your dashboard is a business intelligence tool that displays metrics and key performance indicators for your organization. A robust dashboard gives you an overall view of your business. Once you customize your robust dashboards, the business intelligence you gain from your data is exactly what your organization needs to thrive. 

Here are some ways robust dashboards can positively affect your business: 

  • Sales dashboards – These are ideal for tracking your products and services. Sales dashboards help you identify sales opportunities by monitoring top-selling products and comparing the growth in revenue on a periodical basis. They sync to your raw data, so your charts are always up to date. This eliminates the need to spend hours manually entering and preparing sales reports and charts.  
  • Financial reporting – Presenting financial data can be complex, often leading to the misinterpretation and misunderstanding of critical data. Robust dashboards make creating financial reports much easier, and financial analysts can take advantage of dashboards to display sensitive data in a comprehensible graphic format. Whether its customer invoices, progress toward revenue goals or business expenses, your robust dashboard can make your financial report that much simpler.  
  • Project collaboration – Businesses of all sizes – especially SMBs – require employees to collaborate on projects, either onsite or virtually. Project supervisors need to get teams together to give project requirements, deadlines and responsibilities, as well as get progress updates. Through project collaboration robust dashboards, members will see the complete workflow of the project, producing a more efficient and collaborative working environment.  

You made the right choice by implementing an ERP system, so make sure you’re taking the steps necessary to achieve your desired ROI on the system. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and would love to introduce your business to Power BI and the benefits this data analytic product can bring to your business.  Contact 2W Tech today to see how robust dashboards can be customized to your business intelligence needs.  

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