Blockchain Making its Way to Smart Manufacturing


We all heard about blockchain technology when cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin made the scene as the next big investment. That’s still one of the predominant uses of the technology, but smart manufacturing facilities are bringing it into their fold to help manage their supply chains, as well. For context, let’s define blockchain. Basically, it is a chain of blocks, with the “blocks” being digital information stored within a public database, or a “chain.” Blockchain in smart manufacturing is still in its early stage. However, it is a much-discussed new technology in the manufacturing arena.

Aviation, food and beverage, and medical are a few of the industries which could greatly benefit from blockchain technologies. These industries, due to some stringent rules and regulations, require full scrutiny of all their suppliers across the value chain. Blockchain could help maintain quality control as early as the development of raw materials.

Some of the industries that are actively developing blockchain include apparel, solar energy, mining, fishing, food and beverage, shipping (especially cargo transportation), fertilizer, healthcare and aviation. As the technology matures, more industries may get involved in implementing blockchain. Major technological giants — including Microsoft — are involved in developing and implementing the blockchain in manufacturing ecosystems.

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