Big Data Analytics on the Rise


Big data analytics is a complex process that used to involve data scientists and engineers, developers, management and users.  All of this brain power was needed to craft a data analytics model to deliver the necessary information a business can use to make informed decisions. With the amount of data that organizations accumulate today, big data analytics is on the rise and becoming invaluable to businesses.

Today, the biggest headache involved with big data analytics is selecting the right tools for the job and adopting the correct processes to support them. Here are some must features your business should use to help aid in your big data analytics solution:

  • Embedded insights and results to be used in real-time analytics and reporting
  • Data wrangling and preparation, it is important to sync up disparate data sources
  • Data exploration
  • Use of multiple types of analytics including predictive analytics, real-time analytics, machine learning, etc
  • Scalability
  • Data integration
  • Data management
  • Data governance
  • Business processes for data processing
  • Data security
  • Dashboards and reporting

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