Big data is here to stay, and if your manufacturing operations isn’t a full participant in Industry 4.0, you’re missing out on invaluable insights. Big data analytics is most resourceful when it comes to understanding a target audience and their preferences and feedback for products and services provided by businesses like yours. Who couldn’t benefit from insights like that? And with an industry forecasted to be valued at $247 billion by 2022, it is high time you get a piece of the big data analytics pie.  

This year will see more emphasis on actionable data. This type signifies the missing connection between business prepositions and big data. Big data often comes unstructured and multiformatted, so organizations like yours ought to focus on data analytics that will extract actionable data insights from this treasure trove.  

Big data is expected to be more accessible in 2021, as well, making it much more useful. Countless enterprises struggle unifying all sources of data. In the past, building data lakes and other flexible storage environments was a top priority. This year, much of this critical data will be housed in systems that are much more accessible for tools like visualization, analysis and predictive modeling.  

Big data is coming in cleaner in the future, as well. One of the biggest issues for big data analytics these days is inaccurate data and clutter. Due to poor quality, companies often deal with slow data retrieval processes, resulting in huge losses of money. Be on the lookout for improved “scrubbing” processes as time progresses.  

If you are a manufacturer and need an IT partner to help guide you through this digital transformation, give 2W Tech, a Microsoft Gold Partner, a call. We are a Tier I Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider also and would be happy to discuss the best way for your organization to take advantage of what big data can offer. 

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