According to a recent IDC Study, security was the top reason for SMBs to move specific workloads to the cloud. Microsoft invests around $1 billion in security every year, proving that security is at the forefront of every solution they release.  

Azure Security Center is a tool for security posture management and threat protection. When you integrate this with Azure Defender, workloads get protected while running in the cloud. An organization can continuously assess their security posture across hybrid clouds, as well as protect against cyberattacks by using Microsoft threat intelligence.

With Azure Security, an organization can simplify security management with a single pane of glass experience and built-in artificial intelligence and automation tools.  The goal with stacking different security solutions within Microsoft solutions is to simplify and strengthen security, without increasing costs.  Stacking various security solutions within one product gives you the best coverage from each security solution without having to pay for each solution separately.  

Azure Security Center is a free service for Microsoft clients. With Azure Defender, you can secure a typical environment including 1 million storage transactions for just a small additional fee each month. Azure Defender includes Microsoft Defender for Endpoint to provide advanced post-breach detection, threat intelligence, and your security solutions accessible through one single pane of glass.  

One other cool tool associated with Azure Security is the availability of an Azure Secure Score rating. This allows you to visualize your security state and improve your security posture. You can also strengthen compliance with centrally managed policies and ongoing assessment and actionable insights.  

There are many different cloud options to choose, from which technology provider you select to which cloud deployment method you adopt.  Why wouldn’t you choose the cloud option backed by $1 billion in security each year? The answer is simple, Microsoft Azure.  

2W Tech is a technology solutions provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and have several IT Consultants on staff that have extensive experience with the Microsoft Azure cloud, as well as the Microsoft Security Solutions Stack. Give us a call today to learn more. 

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