Benefits to Cloud ERP


If you have been paying any attention at all to the digital transformation that has been happening, you are aware all roads lead to the cloud. Your ERP system is the heart of your business. The first step to modernizing your technology landscape and embracing the digital transformation is to make sure you are deploying your ERP system in the cloud. 

Still not sure about cloud ERP? Let us break down the ROI of cloud ERP into a few simple benefit statements that can help you understand the value it can bring to your business.  

  • Build agility and resilience: You can monitor performance more precisely, allowing you to recognize opportunities and challenges sooner. Using more robust data analytics provides insights that will make your business more agile and resilient. 
  • Profit from predictable costs: Cloud ERP provides you with lower upfront costs, predictable monthly subscriptions, and lower IT expenses, all but ensuring your ROI. 
  • Agility with customer needs: Customers expect seamless discovery, purchasing, and engagement. The digital transformation can improve lead generation, sales cycles, close rates, repeat business, customer satisfaction, customer support, and operating costs for any business that appropriately embraces it. 
  • Remain competitive: The early bird gets the worm. The sooner you embrace cloud and the additional tools it can provide a business, the better you will be positioned to outperform your competitors. 
  • Thrive with mobility: When using cloud technologies, users can choose any device and be able to connect from anywhere, at any time.  
  • Discover modern technologies: Cloud technologies means your technology stack is always current and updated. Not just that, adding additional solutions is much easier, not to mention when using cloud, the possibilities of add-ons is unlimited.  
  • Transform your IT department: Cloud deployment is fast. You do not have to buy hardware or databases or install and initialize the system. Your system is always up to date because every upgrade and patch is deployed automatically. Your IT staff will not disappear when you move to the cloud. They will be able to eliminate time spent handling hardware maintenance, database administration, and system backups, and instead focus on higher strategic priorities. 
  • Improve security, availability, and reliability: Most on-premises set ups cannot even come close to rivaling the sophistication you get from cloud data centers. Combine unmatched security with built-in redundancies and fail-safe procedures. Cloud deployments are very compelling from an infrastructure perspective. 
  • Scalability: Operational shifts, the ebb and flow of users, and system optimization decisions happen constantly. Scaling your solution in the cloud means you can respond to these changes quickly, while saving money on hardware costs.  

Ready to deploy your cloud ERP system? Do not just trust your deployment to anyone. 2W Tech is a technology service provider and the largest Epicor ERP partner in North America. Trust our team of consultants to ensure your cloud ERP deployment goes as smooth as possible. Epicor Kinetic deployed in the Microsoft Azure cloud is an unrivaled solution pairing and we are excited to introduce your business to the benefits in can provide your business.

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