Benefits of Using an Epicor Authorized and Certified Partner


An ERP system is a huge investment of both time and money for any business, regardless of their size. Protecting this investment is crucial, not only for getting better results, but choosing an Epicor Authorized and Certified Partner can also help you stay compliant with your Epicor contract.  

Every software provider develops their own set of requirements to establish what constitutes becoming an authorized and certified partner. 

Epicor Authorized and Certified Partners: 

  • Completed the Epicor Certification Program for the highest level of product knowledge 
  • Invest in their customers’ success with Epicor solutions 
  • Are fully trained on the most recent product releases 
  • Have direct relationships with Epicor product development, services, and support staff 
  • Are informed about the latest product roadmaps, promotions, and incentives 
  • Adhere to regulations set by Epicor for the protection of your business 

If you have implemented, or are looking to implement Epicor ERP solutions, you are putting your business and ERP investment at risk if you do not choose to work with an authorized partner. That is the only way to ensure your ERP Consulting partner follows Epicor standards and can properly train your users on Epicor applications.  

Epicor certifies their partners annually, giving you peace of mind, they are staying current with changes and software upgrades.  

2W Tech has been a long-standing value-added reseller and authorized certified partner of Epicor solutions for over 30 years. We currently hold an Epicor Platinum Partner designation. If you are looking to implement an Epicor Kinetic ERP or need help with an already installed Epicor ERP system, give us a call today. 

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