The push for cloud-based ERP systems has been around for some time now, but there are still plenty of organizations who just can’t bring themselves to the idea of going with a cloud. However, with countless companies having years of experience, there no longer is a need to deny the many benefits of cloud-based ERP systems.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider jumping into the cloud with your ERP system:

  • Better scalability – Cloud-based ERP systems can grow as your business grows. This is particularly helpful for enterprises with seasonal activities that need to integrate new functions to meet specific business needs.
  • Less upfront capital required – On-premises ERP systems usually lead to cost overruns and difficult implementations. Implementing, maintaining and keep your cloud ERP up to date is the responsibility of the solution provider, as well.
  • Streamlined deployment strategies – Cloud-based ERP systems are designed specifically at creating solutions that are more responsive and more adaptable, making them easier to implement. It’s a faster implementation process, as well – on-premises systems often require up to a year, while a cloud ERP deployment takes just three to six months.
  • Cloud ERP systems provide increased visibility and collaboration opportunities across departments – Giving businesses the tools for improved interdepartmental cooperation is a standard feature of ERP, and cloud ERP systems foster transparency, cooperation and accountability.
  • More security for corporate data – Today’s top cloud ERP systems like Epicor provide a suite of security tools comparable to on-premises systems. Many offer additional advantages like automatic systemwide updates that fix security flaws, multiple redundant layers of failsafe and backups, and systems protected by a team of cloud security pros.
  • Get faster and stronger with mobile – Cloud ERP makes it perfect for mobile systems since it offers centralized access to data across an organization. It’s also decentralized to remove traditional barriers to entry.

Many companies have earned Gold-partner status for either Microsoft or Epicor. However, 2W Tech can boast that we’re a Microsoft Gold partner, as well as an Epicor Gold Partner. Rely on this extensive expertise to get your Epicor ERP system off the ground and into the Azure cloud environment. Contact us today for help with your ERP initiative.

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