Benefits of Being a Data-First Business


A data-first business makes decisions based on their data. Every department produces substantial amounts of data that can be collected and analyzed for patterns and trends and then used for decision making. These decisions can be made faster and more effective thanks to the data.

There are several benefits that come with being a data-driven business including:

  • Empowering your workforce: using data analysis to influence your decisions means your workers are more productive and efficient.
  • Quick time to value: analyzing your systems and processes can help you determine where your production is lagging. This gives you a chance to fix issues and improve throughput and downtime.
  • Improved customer service and loyalty: gathering data points across multiple sources helps increase connectivity and creates an ecosystem. This helps the relationship with your suppliers and customers.
  • Reduced costs: being data-driven helps an organization run more efficiently. Often, when production is inefficient, labor costs increase.
  • Improved profitability: implementing automation where you most need it can increase your efficiency and profitability. Data-driven organizations can also benefit from predictive modeling. Being able to predict operational timelines and supply chain expectations can help plan more accurately materials, personnel, and costs.
  • Sustained management and monitoring: tracking and improving sustainability efforts can contribute to overall environmental, social, and governance initiatives. Tracking costs can identify areas where waste can be reduced and pinpoint areas of improvement.

Organizations have been faced with many changes the last several years and some supply chains are still not fully recovered. Those who take a data-first approach to their operations and decision making will be more resilient to any other upcoming changes and shifts in the market.

Are you interested in becoming a data-driven organization but do not know where to start? Let 2W Tech help! 2W Tech can help work with your business to determine what technologies can best set you up for future success.

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