Azure Security Center Helps Keep Your Organization Compliant


A cloud provider and its customers must have a trustworthy relationship to ensure compliance is met for every industry imaginable. With that in mind, Microsoft has upgraded its Azure Security Center to give users easy access to documentation of certification as well as performance evaluations for their regulatory needs.  

The Azure Security Center improves your organization’s overall compliance stance. By performing ongoing assessments, the Azure Security Center provides insights and reports to simply your regulatory compliance demands.  

There have been numerous significant upgrades released to the compliance management tool in Azure Security Center, including the Azure Security Benchmark integration with Secure Score – a new section for downloading audit certification reports, integration of shared responsibility model details into the product, and Workflow automation functionality 

The Azure Security Benchmark is now fully integrated into the regulatory compliance dashboard as a default standard and is available to all Azure Security Center customers for free. The benchmark comprises the canonical set of controls that Microsoft defines and recommends as a security baseline, aligned with industry frameworks and customized to Azure and cloud environments. The benchmark serves as a superset of security controls related to cloud security in Azure, cover the full set of security requirements related to cloud security from each of the standards it maps to. 

Secure Score is built on top of Azure Security Benchmark and provides a KPI measurement against Security Benchmark control. Secure Score provides a prioritized set of recommendations, allowing you to quickly identify the highest risk factors in your organization’s environment 

To ensure Azure is participating in the shared responsibility model you need from your cloud provider, Azure Security Center now has access to Azure compliance certification artifacts. Microsoft provides access to documents on Azure certifications for compliance standards including ISO, PCI, SOC and other.  

To learn more about the Azure Security Center and all of Azure’s features, contact 2W Tech today. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with decades of experience in cybersecurity and cloud computing. Partner with us and we can help you decide if the Azure hybrid cloud is a good fit for your organization.

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