Although Microsoft may be facing criticism due to the breach of its Microsoft Exchange Server last week, the company continues to launch security products for its customers, including Azure hybrid cloud subscribers. Most recently, Microsoft launched Azure Defender for Storage, powered by Microsoft threat intelligence. 

With so many employees working remotely, more people and devices are now accessing corporate data via home networks, raising the risks of cyberattacks and elevating the importance of proper data protection. Data storage is one of the resources most targeted by attackers since they often hold critical business data and sensitive information.  

To help Azure customers protect their storage environment, Azure Security Center provides Azure Defender for Storage, which alerts customers about unusual and potentially harmful attempts to access or exploit their storage accounts.  

Customers of Azure Defender for Storage benefit from Microsoft threat intelligence to detect and hunt for attacks. Microsoft compiles billions of signals for a holistic view of the security ecosystem. These shared signals and threat intelligence enrich Microsoft products and allow them to offer context, relevance, and priority management to help security teams act more efficiently.  

Azure Defender for Storage can alert customers upon the detection of malicious activities including upload of potential malware, phishing campaigns and access from suspicious IP address.  

Be sure to try Azure Defender for Storage to detect potential threats on your blob containers, file shares, and data lakes. For more help with your Microsoft Azure subscription, reach out to 2W Tech. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner employing IT consultants who have vast experience in all things Azure and cybersecurity.

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