Avoid March Madness


Those that know me personally would probably laugh at the irony of my headline. I am a huge college basketball fan and like most, this is hands down one of my favorite times of year. Even this year when I don’t think my Blue Devils have what it takes to win another championship. So why would I be discussing avoiding March Madness?
There are many employees out there that are putting their organizations at risk without even realizing they are doing it. I worked for a mid-size organization a few years ago that didn’t have any rules when it came to what websites you can use on your computers. There was so many of us that were live streaming the games, that we crashed our internal server. Employees that were trying to work, lost out on their productivity. A few employees used websites that were unsafe and infected their computers with viruses that caused our internal IT department a lot of grief. Opening up anything on an unprotected website, allows hackers to get into your computer and networks. One employee making a mistake can put your entire organization at risk.
Now, I am not suggesting locking down websites or even want to discuss your IT policies with you. That is up to each organization to decide what they want to allow or not allow from their employees. I am merely suggesting you learn from certain times of year, like March Madness, and ensure that you and your data are protected from outside threats. Whatever internal policies you choose to follow, you need to make sure your IT protection and network are set up properly to allow those policies to be followed without disrupting the safety of your network.
Organizations that use an MSP (Managed Service Provider) have less to worry about than organizations who try to manage their IT systems on their own. MSPs ensure that all of your software is up to date, that your network is mapped properly to support your business practices, and can detect issues and fix them before there is any disruption to your business. You can still manage this on your own internally, but that puts a lot of pressure on your IT department. In most cases, your organization does not have the same equipment and knowledge that an MSP has.
If you are unsure if your network and data are protected, now is a great time of year to have a network assessment performed. Most organizations are over the hump of beginning a new fiscal year and can now spend the time being proactive with their IT. You do not want to subject your business to the harm that having vulnerable systems can cause. You can never be too protected when it comes to protecting your data, which is one of the most valuable items to your business. 2W Tech specializes in Managed Services, as well as Infrastructure solutions and would be happy to work with your organization to ensure you are protected from outside threats and harm.

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