AT&T Data Breach Affects a Staggering Number


AT&T, the Dallas-based telecom giant, recently experienced a significant data breach over the weekend, impacting a staggering73 million people. This is not the first data breach AT&T has had over the last few years. Unfortunately, they did not appear to learn from their past mistakes.

AT&T disclosed on Saturday that a dataset discovered on the dark web includes sensitive data such as Social Security numbers and numerical passwords, often in the form of pin numbers. Additionally, full names, email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and AT&T account numbers.

AT&T announced they will notify affected customers by email or letter. They have already begun the process of resetting passwords.

If you are an affected customer, there are some steps you can take now to protect yourself. A good first step is freezing your credit reports at the three major agencies, Equifax, Experience, and TransUnion. AT&T offered to pay for credit monitoring for their affected customers, take them up on that. Ensure it is a 24-7 credit monitoring and enable two-factor authentication on your AT&T account. It is also a good idea to change your password and monitor all your accounts for any suspicious transactions. You never can be too careful. The FTC offers free credit freezes and fraud alerts that consumers can set up to help identify them about any malicious activity or identify theft.

Too many innocent people are scammed or targeted by hackers every day. Too many organizations do not take the proper steps to protect themselves from cyber breaches. How many more enterprise organizations need to be breached before we can get more people to take their cybersecurity serious. Give 2W Tech a call today and let us work with your organization to help ensure you are best protected from outside threats.

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