Are Your Properly Maintaining Your Epicor System?


Organizations rely on their ERP system as one of the most critical requirements to adapt to their individual business needs. An ERP implementation is one of the biggest IT investments for a business for both money and effort. After all the work that goes into the evaluation, selection, and finally implementing an ERP system, you need to ensure your system is performing at optimal levels at all times.

If your ERP system is not optimized, it can often lead to a poorly performing application that can really hurt your bottom line. Ensuring your Epicor ERP is always running at its peak performance is critical for optimizing your business process efficiencies and productivity.

Proper maintenance on your Epicor system requires expertise on all areas of your Epicor system. Not just the Epicor application and all the numerous patches that are released monthly. But SQL and server operating systems need regular attention as well.

There is a complete list of technical maintenance and updates to the app and server that needs to be performed to optimize an ERP system. Here are 2W Tech, we offer Epicor Tune-up, our maintenance program for your Epicor ERP system! Leave the tuning up to the experts!

Want to learn more about Tune-up for Epicor? Give our team a call today to learn more about the extensive list of maintenance we perform on your Epicor system and let us also help you understand why completing those tasks regularly are important to the health and success of your business! 2W Tech is an Epicor Platinum Elite partner and has over 30 years’ experience working with Epicor solutions, so who knows better?!

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