There was a time years ago when it seemed on-premise ERP systems were going to be around forever. Every industry varies in how quick it adopts technologies and how comfortable they are with change. Manufacturing has always been a slow adopter of technology, happy to wait it out until others prove the worth first.  Epicor ERP is designed for manufacturers, so it really does come as a surprise Epicor is pushing clients towards the cloud.

Many companies are now relying on cloud solutions to automate processes and drive efficiencies within their business. Your ERP system is the heart of your technology ecosystem, so it only makes sense it follows suit. Epicor in the last year has made it their company mission to guide companies making the transition away from on-premise solutions.

The most reliable and powerful cloud is Microsoft Azure. 2W Tech is a Microsoft Gold Partner and stand by the Azure cloud as the best product on the market. As an Epicor Gold Partner, we believe running your Epicor system on the Azure cloud is a winning combination, and an unrivaled one at that.

Epicor in Azure can bring a wide variety of benefits to your business including:

  • Anywhere, anytime access without the use of a VPN
  • No on-site hardware needs
  • High availability, performance and reliability
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Security with geo redundancy
  • Easier sign-on and better integrations
  • Scalability with consumption based computing
  • Load balancing over multiple locations

Give 2W Tech a call today to learn more about moving your on-premise Epicor ERP to the Azure cloud.

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