Most organizations run a very lean internal IT department, often because of what the budget will allow for. Sometimes your IT department is just being bogged down with non-critical time-consuming issues and cannot see above the weeds. The good news is there are tools and outside resources your organization can leverage to free up your IT department for critical technology decisions. Your organization can push forward quicker when your IT staff is not spending their time doing basic level IT jobs such as upgrading software, installing patches, pulling data reports, and handing security breaches. 

One way to really hold your IT department back is by putting off your cloud adoption. The type of hosting you choose for your technology solutions can really impact your IT department. Cloud hosting grants you access to more powerful processing and data options and can free up IT resources not only that way, but it is cost savings as well.  

On-premises solutions require constant upgrades, while deploying cloud solutions can ensure your upgrades get done automatically. Not to mention, servers are expensive and complicated to maintain. Cloud is less complicated, not to mention more secure. Simply put, cloud is the best option for performance, scalability, and reliability.  

Cloud allows you access to the latest modern technology in your industry. By utilizing modern technology, your IT department can now engage in creative solutions and maximize the opportunities it offers. Imagine if your IT staff had the opportunity to help uncover new ways technology can further your business initiatives and help you gain a competitive advantage. They become happier in their job satisfaction; you become more successful as a business. Win-win. 

The future of technology is cloud. Where are you with your cloud adoption? Let 2W Tech help your IT staff shine! Our managed services program can help take over some of the mundane tasks your IT department is currently being bogged down with. Not just that, our team of expert IT Consultants can help introduce your business to the Microsoft Azure cloud and all the benefits moving your applications to the cloud can bring your business. 

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