The digital transformation is advancing at breakneck speed, and it is leaving behind manufacturers who can’t keep up with technological advances to take advantage of the revolution. To make sure Industry 4.0 doesn’t leave your organization in the dust, it’s time to take a good, hard look at the latest manufacturing trends to make sure your IT infrastructure can handle the next must-have technology.

  • IoT is Here to Stay — IoT’s existence is primarily due to three IT items most organizations consider a standard of operating a business these days: widely available Internet access, smaller sensors and cloud computing.
  • Shifting from B2B to B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer) — To effectively sell direct to consumers, you’ll need to select a platform for your e-commerce operations that supports your B2B and B2C platforms. It will have to deliver on order fulfillment and tracking, secure payments, customer service management, and sales and marketing activity tracking.
  • Leveraging Supply Chain for Competitive Advantage — Savvy manufacturers will continue to avoid pricing wars by leveraging new technology that simplifies supply chain management. A third of over 2,000 industrial companies have digitized their supply chains while nearly three-quarters expect to by 2020.
  • ERP Systems Streamline Processes — The lengthy implementation of traditional ERP systems can be frustrating. However, you now have the option to choose a rapid implementation ERP system, which can be up and running much faster and more affordably than traditional ERP systems.
  • Greater Visibility Into Big Data — The ability to collect data from all the sources available through the IoT combined with cloud computing is increasingly valuable for providing real-time insights for manufacturers.

To ensure your IT infrastructure is ready to handle the digital transformation, you need an IT consultant that can keep up with all of the latest manufacturing trends. 2W Technologies, INC works primarily with manufacturing companies, so we understand the distinct needs of companies in your industry need from an IT consultant. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, as well as an Epicor Gold Partner. Contact us today.

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