AI-Based Digital Assistants Play Huge Role in Smart Factories


AI-enabled digital assistants are no longer limited to your home or mobile phone. In fact, they’re playing a huge role in smart factories – and they’re providing value beyond playing your favorite song on demand or creating a grocery list as you run out of food.  

Smart factories today have AI-enabled digital assistants linked to all assets and all data. This intelligence takes the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) beyond data collection and into the realm of predictions and decisions.

All the data you collect is only as valuable as you use it. Of course, you must improve your data workflows, which includes collecting and storing the data, but that is just part of the solution since this information is limited on its own.  

AI can complement your data workflow with automatic decision workflows, and this is where AI-enabled digital assistants come into play.  

In IIoT-based smart factories, AI-enabled digital assistants are constantly linked to all assets and all data. This helps the AI software react to what is happening in real time, either acting autonomously or sending prompts to employees to alert them that action is required.  

This is just one example of how AI-enabled digital assistants are playing a major role in the digital transformation. For help with your journey into Industry 4.0, contact 2W Tech. We are an IT consulting firm specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Partner with us for guidance through the digital transformation.

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