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upcoming webinar: data, data everywhere

Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019, 1 pm EST/12 pm CST


What Exactly Should You Be Backing Up?

Data, Data everywhere: Cloud, server, PCs Laptop, phones, tablets – How confident are you that your organization is backing up all files and systems successfully? More important, what happens when you need to get the data back?

With all the different platforms, safeguarding your business data has become even more complicated. Most cloud infrastructures are designed to ensure continuity of service and safeguard data from hardware failure, there is still the common source of data loss: user error and employee turnover.  Join us for this free webinar and learn more about what data you should be backing up and the best way to accomplish doing so.

Microsoft license audits

If your business gets chosen for a Microsoft License audit, you better be sure that your organization is ready. If you get caught having any licenses that are not legitimate, this audit is going to cost you a lot of money.  An audit can include any Microsoft products including Office, Windows Server, Windows Desktop OS, Exchange, etc.  Microsoft conducts industry-standard compliance reviews with its business customers through an independent auditor pursuant to the terms of their agreement.

Click here to learn more about Microsoft License Audits

Microsoft Azure

Your business is ready for the cloud but you fear network security, availability and potential downtime risks. What now?


Organizations all over trust Microsoft Azure as the most trusted cloud for enterprise and hybrid infrastructure, with unparalleled security, flexibility, scalability and high availability.

Learn more about Microsoft Azure Cloud here

Do you need a custom Epicor report?

Daily Shipment Report

Daily shipment report provides details for each customer for all shipments in a defined timeframe.

This Daily shipment report allows an organization to review all items shipped with quantity and prices attached to it. It also provides a recap of all shipments for individual customers.

Designed for Epicor ERP 10.

View Daily Shipment Report here

Visit Epicor Report Store here

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