10 Tips For a Successful ERP Implementation


If only a successful ERP implementation was as easy as selecting the right solution with the right team of experts. According to a recent Gartner study, about 75% of ERP implementations fail. Most experts agree that most of ERP implementation failures are not systemic, as it is very rare for the software itself to fail. So what is it then that causes a failed implementation? Here are 10 tips your organization needs to follow to ensure that your ERP implementation is a success.

  1. Choose an implementation team you trust and can offer you the support you need
  2. Use a Vendor or Reseller that has expertise in the industry you work in
  3. Hire an experienced ERP project manager so you have someone on your staff 100% focused on your installation
  4. Ensure your entire staff is on board with your ERP project
  5. Do not go into your implementation without a detailed project plan
  6. Do not heavily customize your system, instead try to choose a system that can meet most your needs out of the box
  7. Establish a reasonable budget for the project, an ERP system is too important to your business to low-ball time and costs for it
  8. Your staff must do its part in the installation, do your homework and carry your own weight
  9. Have regular check-in points so you can measure the success and progress of the installation
  10. Have training from the start of the project, all the way through the project, and long after the installation is complete

There are many factors that go into an ERP implementation project, but by ensuring you follow the above tips, you are putting your organization on the path of success. Areas of concern and problems will arise, but if you have the right team, matched with the right software, these become just bumps in the road versus a broken road or dead end. 2W Tech is a certified Epicor ERP partner and would be happy to discuss your ERP needs with you. We have a team of experienced Consultants and project managers that can help ensure you start your project out on the right foot.

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