Your ERP Production System is 10 Years Old; Where Do You Go From Here?


Ten years is a long time, especially when you’re talking about technologies and production processes. The improvements in both equipment and in general production strategies can build drastically and understanding those changes may result in faster production and a better bottom line, without much investment. So, what do you do after ten years to upgrade your production system? Here are a few things to consider changing, and some recommendations on how you can implement those changes.

Changes That You May Need to Make

There are a number of systems that you might want to consider upgrading or changing. The various stages of your production line may not be running at their peak efficiency and if that’s the case, your production could be faster. Making changes in manufacturing, marketing, sales, shipping and other departments may improve your efficiency many-fold. Here are some specific ways that upgrading can improve production.

Hardware & Software Upgrades

Having the right software to do the job is half the battle, and the latest software for things like shipping, payments, accounting and payroll may require new hardware. Most businesses have outdated computer systems, but upgrading isn’t as big of investment as it seems, and it pays off quickly when you are able to do things like instantly scan barcodes and log data into the computer.

Streamlining the Flow of Information

Your business runs on information, and most of the time, you simply can’t have too much. Creating a highway where information can flow quickly to the departments that need it may speed up your business more than you know. Information can be sent instantly to a database where it can be downloaded by accounting, purchasing or any other department that needs the information.

How to Determine What Upgrades You Might Need

The best way to understand what upgrades you may need is to speak with an expert that can point out areas that can be improved, and let you know what options are available. 2W Tech offers customized business consulting, where you’ll meet with a certified technician to discuss just where your company could benefit from an upgrade, whichever areas that happens to be. Let 2W Tech show you just how easy it is to upgrade and how much your business has to gain from doing so, because ten years is too long to go without taking advantage of the latest technology, hardware and other production assets that are available.

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