Your ERP Implementation Was a Success, Now What?


Here at 2W Tech, we see plenty of successful Epicor ERP implementations throughout the year in our client base. It is an exciting feat, so take a day to celebrate your accomplishment! Over the next coming weeks and months, your team will start to gel with the ERP system and the results will begin to be noticeable. There will be an increase in overall efficiency, uptimes, and customer satisfaction levels. Your overall business cohesiveness is as good as it has ever been. This is the positive result you were expecting as the reward from your hard work. So now what?

To ensure continued success with your ERP system, your business should develop a Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP). Create a formal plan with your ERP Consultant/Partner that focuses on software improvements to keep your system working top notch. This is where you should discuss any slowdowns or problems that have occurred and see if any adjustments should be made to compensate.

Another focus of your CIP should include scalability. It is key to look ahead so you do not lose business efficiency as your company grows and expands quicker than you anticipated. Growth plans can include headcount, new facilities, or expansion into new markets. Having a roadmap for growth that accounts for scalability with your ERP system will help your business remain efficient during that period. When businesses do not plan for growth, systems begin to crash and lag, since the software is not set up to be able to keep with the increased volume. Do not let that be you.

Continuous improvement is key to your ERP system having a long and healthy life. Your trusted ERP partner had the knowledge to complete a successful ERP implementation, and they also have the expertise to support you in executing a successful CIP. The expert team at 2W Tech wants to help your business ensure you maximize the potential of not only your Epicor Kinetic ERP system, but your business as well. Together, let us get and keep your business running at top efficiency!

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