Yes, You Need an ERP Consultant


Manufacturers are always a little slower on the adoption curve, especially when it comes to investing in technologies with a larger price tag. This holds true when it comes to the decision of whether to use an ERP Consultant. Unfortunately, many Manufacturers decide to go without a Consultant during their ERP projects, to save money. However, the truth is this decision is going to end up costing more in the end.

ERP projects are complex and take plenty of resources from a business. The time and expertise a business needs for any ERP project is outside of the scope of what any internal employee can usually offer. Any number of issues can arise and without taking proper action, you could delay your project or make poor decisions that can cost you more money in the end.  An ERP Consultant is a critical component in the success of your ERP project and should be considered invaluable.

ERP software reaches every area of a business, from supply chain to production to accounting to every other turn in between. Balancing technical and functional requirements, while staying on project timeline and budget is an almost impossible task for to complete. An ERP Consultant can cut down on the time it takes for tasks to be completed by using their knowledge and expertise to make the best decisions. Without their input, your uninformed employees will be using the trial and error method to making decisions.

Companies often try to overcomplicate their ERP system with unnecessary customizations and add-ons. Consultants are trained to look for solutions readily available in the ERP system and recognize often the problem lies in lack of skills and knowledge. They will take into consideration business processes and project goals and help guide the business down the correct path to hit their objectives. Most questions or issues you run into with your ERP software, your ERP Consultant is armed with the answer or solution.

Making the decision to use an ERP Consultant is not really a decision your business needs to make. Yes, of course you need to use an EPR Consultant. Let your employees spend their time and efforts on running your business. Let the ERP Consultants and experts at 2W Tech spend their time and efforts on running your ERP projects. 2W Tech is an Epicor Gold Partner and has over 20 years of expertise with Epicor ERP systems.

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