Yes, Co-security is a Thing!


Long gone are some of the traditional ways we used to do business. Today, many services a business relies on uses infrastructure that is also sold as a service. The “as a service” model has really taken over as the delivery model for many technologies. Cybersecurity is no different. Many failures with cybersecurity are due to lack of collaboration and cooperation. Co-security is not a new term, but it has a renewed sense of purpose now that “as a service” has found its way to security.

Co-security is simply the term that means you work with and depend on an outside partner for your organization’s security. Traditional cybersecurity just is not good enough anymore. To elevate your security posture, it is important to collaborate with a vendor whose cybersecurity ambitions align with yours. How dependent is your reputation as a business based on the security your vendors control?

Co-security, Cybersecurity

You cannot achieve perfect cybersecurity. Technology is constantly evolving, the look and feel of a business may often change, so threat actors evolve also and continuously find new ways to deploy threats. What you had in place for security a year ago, will not be effective today. Effective cybersecurity is a marathon, not a sprint.

The term “co” simply means you do not have to go at your security journey alone. It takes a trusted partner. That trusted partner may have a trusted partner also. The government may issue rules and regulations to help everyone and ensure proper steps are taken. Teamwork across industries is really going to be key to staying on-top of the ever-changing security posture.

Can you really secure your organization alone? If you answer yes to this question, I challenge you to call us today. Let our team of expert IT Consultants review your in-house security solutions and best practices. Then, give them the opportunity to explain how Co-security can change that landscape and elevate your cybersecurity posture to the next level.

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