Workflows for Microsoft Teams Can Improve the Hybrid Work Environment


With hybrid work environments here to stay, Microsoft is continuously adding features to its Office suite of products that improve productivity and connectivity for companies learning how to work in this new reality. In March, the company announced workflows for Microsoft Teams was available in the Teams Store.  

In a new Tech community post from Microsoft, the company lists ways Workflows for Teams can eliminate some bottlenecks that often are associated with hybrid work environments:  

  • Task tracking – In the productivity category in Workflows, you can create flows that allow users to perform high-volume tasks using pre-built, easy-to-use templates in Microsoft Teams.    
  • Time management – Workflows templates for Microsoft Teams help users stay on track with welcoming new members to the team, forwarding emails to your Teams channel, adding, or sharing files from a specific address to a folder, scheduling replies, and more.   
  • Email prioritization – With the Notification category in Workflows for Microsoft Teams, users can configure flows that help them stay on top of important messages and assist in improving overall work productivity.   
  • Data protection – The Approval workflow category in Microsoft Teams provides ways to streamline all requests and processes with your team or partners.    
  • Collaboration and data collection – With preconfigured flows for data collection, it is easier to monitor and track data. With these flows, users can follow up on Power BI report alerts, track new files added to a specific SharePoint folder, and share information while collaborating with team members.   

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