Windows 365 Now Supports Windows 11


Windows 365 and Windows 11 made a splash earlier this year when Microsoft released both monumental products on the same day. However, Windows 365 did not initially support Windows 11 as an OS option. 

Windows 11, Microsoft 365 

At Microsoft Ignite in early November, Microsoft announced Windows 11 cloud PCs would now be available on Windows 365 as an OS option. A virtual Trusted Platform Module chip for the PC-as-a-service model will enable support for Windows 11, along with optimization for Microsoft Teams and Office. Windows 365 users now have the choice to purchase cloud PCs running Windows 10 or Windows 11 as their requirements dictate. Also, new tools will help users of Windows Business 365 transition to Windows 11.  

Windows 365 has more new features since its launch. These enhancements to allow users to change local resource settings such as printers, microphones and keyboards on demand. Microsoft also made a change that allows IT administrators to pull a user’s access immediately rather than wait the usual required seven days.  

In addition to provisioning new Windows 11 cloud PCs, administrators also can upgrade existing Windows 10-based deployments by changing the gallery image in Microsoft Endpoint Manager and triggering a re-provision. To check whether existing cloud PC deployments are compatible with Windows, administrators can consult the work from anywhere dashboard in Endpoint Analytics.  

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