Windows 11 Receives AI Backed Voice Clarity


Microsoft announced a Voice Clarity feature that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve the video calling experience on Windows 11. It is now available to all users and became available on the latest Canary build for Windows 11. This Voice Clarity feature improves the audio experience by canceling any echoing, suppressing any background noises, and reducing reverberation in real-time without needing any additional hardware.

Through the Microsoft Official Blog page, Microsoft wrote, “Voice Clarity is a feature that enhances your audio experience on Windows with state-of-the-art AI technology. Powered by low complexity AI models, Voice Clarity cancels echo, suppresses background noise, and reduces reverberation in real-time.”

Voice Clarity is enabled by default and can be utilized by applications using Communications Signal Processing Mode, which ensures compatibility with popular apps and games. Microsoft specifically mentions Phone Link and WhatsApp as applications that supports the mode. It is supported on x64 and Arm64 CPUs

Besides Voice Clarity, the Canary Build of Windows 11 also brings another new feature. Android device users can now access the most recent photos and screenshots and pictures from their device using the Snipping Tool on Windows 11. After enabling this feature, photos from the phone are automatically synchronized to their PC.

Microsoft not only continues to build more AI technologies into their existing products, but they continue to improve the quality of the products they already have on the market. Kudos Microsoft, keep up the excellent work!

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