It is hard to miss Microsoft news, since most everyone uses some type of Microsoft product these days. Analysts from KeyBanc Capital Markets recently predicted that Microsoft’s (MSFT) public cloud endeavor will become the company’s biggest moneymaker by 2021. This prediction has them outpacing their flagship Windows program. By 2021, these same analyst foresees Microsoft Azure Cloud bringing in greater revenue than Windows, with Azure making up 16.6% of the company’s revenue and Windows accounting for about 12.8%.

Windowns Microsoft Azure Cloud Momentum Microsoft Gold PartnerGiven the total pie for cloud computing is expected hit $260 billion by 2021, it is no surprise that Microsoft has been focusing on the Azure product. Microsoft has yet to comment on Azures’ exact revenue, but they aren’t shying away from sharing the positive growth it’s experiencing. They have already announced they are showing 76% increase in Cloud revenue moving into this month.

This will be quite an identity shift for Microsoft, who up until this point been know best for the Windows product. Although Windows is not going anywhere, this cloud-first era has opened doors for another brain child from Microsoft. The Microsoft Azure Cloud product is top notch. 2W Tech is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner and has experience deploying Azure Cloud in multiple types of environments. Give us a call today to start trusting your software applications to Azure Cloud.

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