Why an Artificial Intelligence Code of Conduct Will Be Crucial


With the upcoming election, our television stations have been overrun with political commercials. Our news stations are covering various political stories, and a main one is election interference. Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, has said on record “the company that leads in AI, will rule the world.” You may or may not recall that Russia was accused of interfering in the 2016 election that got Trump elected. Whether that is true or not has no bearing on the fact, artificial intelligence(AI) is taking over the world, and is doing so at an alarming pace.

As I have read more to learn as much as I can about AI and machine learning, I have started to understand the important role ethics will need to play. And I don’t mean just government regulations, I am referring to individual codes of conducts within each organization. Some leading organizations like Microsoft, Google and Salesforce have already created their own AI guidelines and principles

Other companies need to follow their lead and put an AI Principles and AI Ethics Code of Conduct strategy in place. As AI continues to worm its way into the business world, customers are soon going to want to know they are protected and will demand to know how you are protecting their personal data.

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