When is it Time to Upgrade your ERP System?


Last week, I wrote an article on the future of manufacturing ERP systems as a result of the emerging technologies the industry is embracing. With ERP systems making great strides and changing the game for Manufacturers, it poses the question, when is it time to upgrade your ERP system? While some businesses may be skeptical of the upheaval that is associated with upgrading, often the disruption and cost are dwarfed by the benefits the latest version of the software can offer your business.

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To help you determine if your business is being held back by your current ERP system, here are some key signs to look for:

  • Limited or Non-existent Mobile Functionality. Business has become increasingly remote and working on the move has become the new normal. Your ERP system should complement this change in culture by allowing you to access certain features of the system on your mobile phone, regardless of your location.
  • Lack of Basic Features. As time progresses, features that weren’t standard when you implemented your ERP system, are now included in the ERP software. If your business isn’t utilizing basic features, you will quickly fall behind your competition and put your business at risk.
  • No Vendor Support on even Basic Issues. As with any software provider, there is only so long they will commit to supporting and updating an outdated version of their software. If your business needs service and support on your outdated system, you will be paying an arm and a leg, assuming you can find a Consultant with experience with a legacy system.
  • Poor and Limited Integrations. Relying on an ERP system that doesn’t allow for easy integrations and prevents you from automatically transferring your data to another system, can lead to a serious decrease in efficiencies and an increase in manual work. New software applications are being introduced on the market everyday, and you don’t want to have your business in a position where you can’t utilize them.
  • Non-Compliancy. Most vendors naturally stop actively supporting older versions, meaning as new regulations comes in, older software versions run the risk of not being compliant.

If your ERP software is displaying even 1 of the above symptoms, it is time to upgrade your system. 2W Tech is a Gold Epicor Partner and has 30+ years experience with Epicor and Manufacturing solutions. Give us a call today to start discussing your next ERP upgrade project.

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