2W Tech – What makes us, us

Who We Are:  We’re the team that teaches our client how to better run their company, helping them see a new and better way of doing business with judicious application of proven technology and expert services.

What we think: We believe that learning and the quest to understand our clients never ends because business technology is a moving target. So we know more about our products, our clients and competitors than anyone else.

We hate telling our clients ‘no’ to a reasonable request.  We’ll find the answer, make it right or find someone who can.  No excuses.

We say, “I know who knows that.”  I’ll arrange for you to connect.

We Are a For-Profit Company:  We provide value to clients, charge a fair price and should not be shy or subtle about it.

About Value:  Bring it. Bring it every day to our clients, our partners, each other and yourself.

Vested:  We are committed to the business success of our clients.  When they are successful and profitable, we are too.

We support families:  Husbands, wives, partners, children and other people you may never meet, 401’s, 529’s bonuses and careers are all dependent on the actions we take, every day.

One:  We are one company: We may work in different departments and have different skill sets. But we are all responsible for the success of our clients and each other, either directly or indirectly.

Accountability: The higher you are on the org chart, the more accountable you are to those whose boxes that fall under you.   The difference between the very top officer and most Jr Tech is simply a job description.  Never forget we all work for each other.

We Are Smarter Together:  Bands are more successful when everyone knows their part. Let your band mates play their part.

Listening is More Important Than Talking:  Speak up when it’s right and listen well and actively. We have an obligation to share our point of view, regardless of its popularity, both internally and externally. But once a decision is made, we are equally obligated to support it.

Clients Are People:  If you can get them to feel that you know that, the rest of your job gets easier. Treat them like part of the team, rather than a boss or an obstacle. Tell them what you really think. Joke and confide and take the risk of feeling comfortable around them. Challenge them to inspire you. Challenge yourself to inspire them. Be big enough to celebrate when they have a big idea.

If Things Go Wrong, Speak Up:  Together we can solve almost any problem. Communicate early and often.

It’s the Work:  While not every project presents an opportunity for greatness, all of them are an opportunity to practice your craft. In the long run, those who work more, who try it more ways, who do something good and then do something better, who crank, will accumulate many years’ more practice more than their less prolific colleagues. This confers upon them an unmatchable advantage.

Like + Trust = Business: People hire people they like and trust. It really is as simple and profound as that.

Over: Over-communicate. Over-collaborate. Over-deliver. Time and energy invested in relationships pays back in better work, business and results. Oh, yeah, and better relationships too. Provide more options. Ask more questions. See the factory, meet the workers, brainstorm with the client.

This is a Relationship Business: We’re small enough that we can manage personal relationships. So, honor personal relationships. Treat your commitments as sacred. Communicate. Never leave your colleagues in the lurch. Be the colleague you wish for.

Agree on Budget and Scope: Simple, yes. Always followed, no. Let’s remember the basics. The only time we want our clients surprised is on their birthday.

We Are All Responsible for Holding One Another Accountable:  When our colleagues succeed, we all succeed–so help one another exceed. If a colleague is not living up, we all have an obligation not to let it pass. If you have an issue with a colleague, deal with it directly, privately and professionally before you escalate. If that is unsatisfactory, get help. Professional expertise is a given around here; modeling is the true path to success.