The Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) continues to disrupt manufacturing and change the way companies use technology. ERP systems have evolved to be able to handle cloud computing and big data to increase productivity and give insight into all areas of the company. However, the Industry 4.0 will improve upon even that.

Employees will no longer be manually inputting data, as this activity will be done in real-time. Data quality will be dramatically improved, giving you the granularity needed to see where and when certain events are happening. All of these changes mean you will be able to make better, more timely decisions, and the machines, people and software systems will all be part of a big, data-based ecosystem. This is the real value of Industry 4.0.

Your ERP system is the key to managing your large amounts of data in Industry 4.0, but there are many tools that can work with your ERP to really refine the data you need. For example, you can use Epicor Data Discovery to help you visualize what is happening on the shop floor. Epicor Data Analytics can help you analyze historical data and trends. You can use customized dashboards and KPIs.

It can be tough to understand all the options available to your business to help you maximize the Industry 4.0, but we are here to help. 2W Tech is a long-standing Epicor reseller and service provider. We are an Epicor Gold Partner and can help your business understand how to get the most value from your Epicor ERP system.

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