After years of sluggish growth and decreased business, the manufacturing sector is finally thriving. While the uptick we’ve experienced the last two years is definitely a positive thing, even those enjoying growth will continue to face challenges in the years ahead. Many of our clients are manufacturing businesses, so we get to witness first hand what many of their struggles are. One of the top issues facing Manufacturers today is keeping up with and utilizing new technologies.

Automation, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), robotics, cloud computing and so many other buzzwords have invaded the manufacturing industry. Technology is advancing at warp speed, and most manufacturers struggle to keep up, let alone stay on the leading edge. By the time many IT departments have gone through the process of researching, getting approval, purchasing and installing new technology, a faster and more agile solution may have already emerged. Manufacturing businesses are finding it very hard to keep pace.

The IoT market has already bypassed over 4 billion connected devices being used to complete daily tasks so far this year. Fueled by 5G connectivity and advances in sensor technology, the manufacturing industry will see opportunities to drive growth by adopting IIoT devices to boost productivity, enhance product quality and reduce operational costs. We are also seeing an increased volume of data as IIoT and intelligent system usage continues to increase. ERP systems are going to be vital in processing and analyzing this data for Manufacturers. Without this, your business can’t make informed decisions.

The best first step for incorporating useful technologies to help your organization grow profitably is to work with a business consulting firm that has expertise in manufacturing, such as 2W Tech. We can help you make inroads faster by giving you insight in selecting the most practical, cost-effective technologies and equipment, oversee implementation, train your team, and help you get the greatest ROI. Give us a call today to get ahead of the technology curve.

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