What is Cloud Management?


Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. Regardless of what type of business you work in, any talk of technology anymore usually involves cloud. Here at 2W Tech, we have become a Microsoft Gold Partner and have many IT Consultants on staff that have become experts at the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Like you, we had a choice to make when it came to what cloud service we were going to not only use in-house, but that we were going to offer to our many clients. This really was a no-brainer for us. Why you might ask?Well, there were several reasons but one of the biggest was the tools available to use for cloud management.

Cloud management is how admins have control over everything that operates in the cloud including users, data, applications, and services. Cloud management tools help admins oversee all types of cloud activities, such as resource deployment, use tracking, data integration, and even disaster recovery. Admins can also gain control over the infrastructure, platforms, applications, and data. Your cloud can only be as strong as the tools, and the people running the tools. When you evaluated the cloud you are running your applications on, did you ever once think to ask about cloud management?

Cloud management software is deployed into the cloud environment as a virtual machine that contains a database and a server. The server communicates with the APIs to connect the database with the virtual resources relying on the cloud.  The database collects information on how the virtual infrastructure is performing and sends the data to the cloud admin. Admins can also relay commands back to the cloud, which are carried out by the virtual server.

To be clear, cloud provides the rules and cloud management executes them. Cloud management is a combination of software, automation, policies, governance, and people that determine how those cloud computing services are made available. Make sure that you are choosing the best people to manage your cloud. It’s the second most important decision you will make, after choosing the Microsoft Azure cloud.

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