What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?


Unfortunately, disaster can strike a business at any moment, and without preparation and data protection, half of businesses will not survive. It is crucial to a business to access their IT infrastructure and understand what steps can be taken to minimize the damage caused by a disaster. Disaster recovery is the practice of anticipating a disaster and planning, surviving, and recovering from that disaster. A disaster recovery plan is a written plan that enables businesses to respond quickly to a disaster and take immediate action to reduce the damage and resume operations as soon as possible.

A disaster recovery plan typically includes:

  • Emergency procedures to be followed by staff when a disaster occurs
  • Critical IT assets and their maximum allowed outage time
  • Tools and technology solutions to be used for recovery
  • A disaster recovery team, their contact information and communication procedure

It is also important to understand:

  • Your threats
  • Your assets
  • Your recovery time objective (RTO)
  • Your recovery point objective (RPO)

You must have a way to replicate data between multiple recovery sites, so it is crucial to integrate that into the plan. Just like a business system can fail in a disaster, so can backups, so it is important to evaluate backups and the restoration of service.

Does your business have a disaster recovery plan? If not, do not wait any longer. Disaster can strike at any moment! Need help getting started? Let the expert team at 2W Tech help. Give us a call.

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