What Influences Epicor Kinetic ERP?


A variety of factors can influence a product, ranging from its design and development to its marketing and distribution. It is up to every business to determine their direction and to decide what they want to influence their product. Epicor has a Product Roadmap for their Epicor Kinetic ERP that highlights the future of the product and what influences it.

Epicor’s customers guide the product and shape everything built at Epicor. They have five methods they use to solicit feedback:

  • Customer Advisory Board (CAB): Business leaders advise on priorities
  • Product Advisory Board (PAB)/Focus Groups: Software users provide input on product features, usability, and functionality
  • Customer Visits: End users connect with onsite Epicor visitors, including Value Exchange Workshops
  • Product Surveys: Users provide periodic product feedback
  • User Groups and Online Forums: Users connect regularly to share best practices and recommendations.

Using a product that is influenced by its customers is a win-win situation, benefiting both customers and businesses by creating products that are more aligned with user needs and preferences.

2W Tech does not take selecting their partners lightly. We are proud to say we have been a partner of Epicor’s for over 35 years. We are an Epicor Platinum Elite partner and are excited to see what Epicor has in store next!

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